About Us

The company was started by John Gallant, who retired from the Royal Canadian Navy, many years ago. In the Navy, he was an Electrical Technologist – mainframe, power distribution, and main control room technician. Carried over, to his company, was the same commitment to detail, standards, and service; this is evident in everything we do. And that is why our customer base reaches from North West Territories to Texas, California to Maine, and around the world.

At Barcode Components (a division of Preowned Barcode) we have been providing exceptional sales, service, and support for over a decade; this has been on a vast array of barcode products - thermal printers through to scan enabled cell phones - across all major product lines – Intermec, Honeywell, Symbol, O’Neil, Datamax, and Zebra (to name a few). We provide this exceptional level of service to end users, dealers/value added resellers, and OEMs. 


Over the years, Barcode Components has provided new, used, and refurbished products and, due to the contacts and relations we have garnered, we have supplied these at very competitive pricing. Our sales have been to small companies through to national chains. With quantities ranging from single units to reoccurring monthly commitments of thousands of units.

The markets and customers we serve are as broad as our reach (and that is around the world). We have supplied and serviced national beverage companies, pharmacies, delivery and courier companies etc. And many more, through the dealers we supply and support.

To assist with our sales to customers and service organizations (especially those overseas), we setup online sales through an online web presence and eBay store. Originally, there were only parts/components listed, however it has grown to include full units – new, used and refurbished. The inventory listed on these sites is identical. However, it represents a small portion of our total inventory.  


Barcode Components provides service on a time and materials basis, as well as economical term based contracts. The latter can be on a few units on up to thousands. 

We also provide service contacts to dealers and service depots. They, in turn, provide the service contract to their customer. This enables a company to keep their costs down, while providing an additional service to their customers.

In order to keep our costs down, we do in-house repair on a number of circuit boards. What we repair and put back into production, others would see as attrition. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it has enabled us to pass the savings onto our customer base. 

Please take a moment to contact us and allow us the opportunity to explain how we can provide exceptional service to you or assist in the growth of your business or service organization. 


We also support our customers with detailed analysis and Continuous Service Improvement (CSI). On one contract (repairing 50+ units per week) we detected touch screens, from a major manufacturer, had a subtle defect. After we verified how disastrous this would be (long term), we secured an entire production run of replacement product from another manufacturer. Subsequent to this, we informed a number of services depots and organizations, who were unaware of the issue. Not only did this save a tremendous amount of money, but also saved our customer from an incredible amount of down time (by reducing the mean time between failures/MTBF).