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How Does Refurbish Overdo?

I am sure you can't tell the two CK71 units, on our main page, were refurbished by looking at them. But, you can tell the difference at checkout. Even though many of the components we use to build them are new, the price is dramatically different. 

A recent customer vividly illustrated the price difference: our price on a refurbished CK71, with long range EX25 scanner, is $800. He had been quoted $3,200 for new. In less than a year, he has ordered dozens. Not only that, by he has put all of his CK71 hand helds (including existing units used in his warehouse operation) under a 4 year service agreement; this guarantees his product's life span and that the CK71 units will run in peak condition over that time. 

Please Contact Us, so we can explain how our products will benefit you.